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Results for E2f8

Z-value: 2.47

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Transcription factors associated with E2f8

Gene Symbol Gene ID Gene Info
ENSMUSG00000046179.11 E2F transcription factor 8

Activity-expression correlation:

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Activity profile of E2f8 motif

Sorted Z-values of E2f8 motif

Promoter Log-likelihood Transcript Gene Gene Info
chr3_-_90695706 18.19 ENSMUST00000069960.5
S100 calcium binding protein A9 (calgranulin B)
chr10_-_21160925 14.62 ENSMUST00000020158.6
myeloblastosis oncogene
chr12_+_109540979 12.59 ENSMUST00000129245.1
maternally expressed 3
chr11_+_98907801 11.59 ENSMUST00000092706.6
cell division cycle 6
chr17_+_56303321 11.40 ENSMUST00000001258.8
ubiquitin-like, containing PHD and RING finger domains, 1
chr2_+_163054682 11.39 ENSMUST00000018005.3
myeloblastosis oncogene-like 2
chr5_+_123749696 10.87 ENSMUST00000031366.7
kinetochore associated 1
chr17_+_56303396 10.53 ENSMUST00000113038.1
ubiquitin-like, containing PHD and RING finger domains, 1
chr8_+_75109528 10.18 ENSMUST00000164309.1
minichromosome maintenance deficient 5, cell division cycle 46 (S. cerevisiae)
chr12_+_24708984 9.21 ENSMUST00000154588.1
ribonucleotide reductase M2
chr17_+_56040350 9.11 ENSMUST00000002914.8
chromatin assembly factor 1, subunit A (p150)
chr6_-_88898664 8.41 ENSMUST00000058011.6
minichromosome maintenance deficient 2 mitotin (S. cerevisiae)
chr16_-_18811615 8.23 ENSMUST00000096990.3
cell division cycle 45
chr12_+_24708241 7.70 ENSMUST00000020980.5
ribonucleotide reductase M2
chr1_-_128359610 7.28 ENSMUST00000027601.4
minichromosome maintenance deficient 6 (MIS5 homolog, S. pombe) (S. cerevisiae)
chr9_-_36726374 7.08 ENSMUST00000172702.2
checkpoint kinase 1
chr10_+_128015157 6.22 ENSMUST00000178041.1
DNA primase, p49 subunit
chr2_-_34913976 5.86 ENSMUST00000028232.3
PHD finger protein 19
chr8_-_107065632 5.35 ENSMUST00000034393.5
transmembrane emp24 protein transport domain containing 6
chr16_-_15637277 5.25 ENSMUST00000023353.3
minichromosome maintenance deficient 4 homolog (S. cerevisiae)
chr19_+_38931008 4.89 ENSMUST00000145051.1
helicase, lymphoid specific
chr13_+_19623163 4.85 ENSMUST00000002883.5
secreted frizzled-related protein 4
chr15_+_61985540 4.43 ENSMUST00000159327.1
myelocytomatosis oncogene
chr11_-_101785252 4.41 ENSMUST00000164750.1
ets variant gene 4 (E1A enhancer binding protein, E1AF)
chr15_+_61985377 4.32 ENSMUST00000161976.1
myelocytomatosis oncogene
chr7_-_44548733 4.28 ENSMUST00000145956.1
polymerase (DNA directed), delta 1, catalytic subunit
chr12_+_110279228 3.92 ENSMUST00000097228.4
deiodinase, iodothyronine type III
chr6_+_35177610 3.84 ENSMUST00000170234.1
nucleoporin 205
chr17_+_8525369 3.83 ENSMUST00000115715.1
phosphodiesterase 10A
chr19_+_38930909 3.81 ENSMUST00000025965.5
helicase, lymphoid specific
chr6_+_35177386 3.45 ENSMUST00000043815.9
nucleoporin 205
chr7_-_115824699 3.23 ENSMUST00000169129.1
SRY-box containing gene 6
chr7_+_102065713 3.21 ENSMUST00000094129.2
transient receptor potential cation channel, subfamily C, member 2
chr3_-_126998408 3.19 ENSMUST00000182764.1
ankyrin 2, brain
chr2_-_45113255 3.13 ENSMUST00000068415.4
zinc finger E-box binding homeobox 2
chr7_+_110122299 3.12 ENSMUST00000033326.8
WEE 1 homolog 1 (S. pombe)
chr4_+_132768325 3.04 ENSMUST00000102561.4
replication protein A2
chr9_+_103305156 2.99 ENSMUST00000035164.3
topoisomerase (DNA) II binding protein 1
chr10_+_42860348 2.92 ENSMUST00000063063.7
sex comb on midleg-like 4 (Drosophila)
chr5_-_33652296 2.86 ENSMUST00000151081.1
stem-loop binding protein
chr2_-_154569845 2.78 ENSMUST00000103145.4
E2F transcription factor 1
chr7_+_102065485 2.72 ENSMUST00000106950.1
transient receptor potential cation channel, subfamily C, member 2
chr16_+_10835046 2.30 ENSMUST00000037913.8
RMI2, RecQ mediated genome instability 2, homolog (S. cerevisiae)
chrX_+_49470450 2.24 ENSMUST00000114904.3
Rho GTPase activating protein 36
chrX_+_49470555 2.23 ENSMUST00000042444.6
Rho GTPase activating protein 36
chr5_-_33652339 2.22 ENSMUST00000075670.6
stem-loop binding protein
chr2_-_45112890 2.08 ENSMUST00000076836.6
zinc finger E-box binding homeobox 2
chr15_+_78926720 2.06 ENSMUST00000089377.5
lectin, galactose binding, soluble 1
chr2_-_154569720 2.03 ENSMUST00000000894.5
E2F transcription factor 1
chr10_-_128525859 1.88 ENSMUST00000026427.6
extended synaptotagmin-like protein 1
chr13_+_44731265 1.82 ENSMUST00000173246.1
jumonji, AT rich interactive domain 2
chr7_-_48881596 1.70 ENSMUST00000119223.1
E2F transcription factor 8
chr17_+_34377124 1.58 ENSMUST00000080254.5
butyrophilin-like 1
chr2_-_45113216 1.54 ENSMUST00000124942.1
zinc finger E-box binding homeobox 2
chr13_-_66851513 1.45 ENSMUST00000169322.1
predicted gene, 17404
chr5_+_129020069 1.45 ENSMUST00000031383.7
RAN, member RAS oncogene family
chr13_+_44731281 1.25 ENSMUST00000174086.1
jumonji, AT rich interactive domain 2
chr5_+_135187251 1.21 ENSMUST00000002825.5
bromodomain adjacent to zinc finger domain, 1B
chr5_-_65335564 1.21 ENSMUST00000172780.1
replication factor C (activator 1) 1
chr2_-_157204483 1.18 ENSMUST00000029170.7
retinoblastoma-like 1 (p107)
chr15_+_101174096 1.18 ENSMUST00000000544.9
activin A receptor, type 1B
chr6_-_125286015 1.07 ENSMUST00000088246.5
tubulin, alpha 3A
chr16_+_15637844 0.98 ENSMUST00000023352.8
protein kinase, DNA activated, catalytic polypeptide
chr17_+_33909481 0.95 ENSMUST00000173626.1
Fas death domain-associated protein
chr5_+_111581422 0.92 ENSMUST00000064930.3
RIKEN cDNA C130026L21 gene
chr15_+_55557575 0.87 ENSMUST00000170046.1
Mdm2, transformed 3T3 cell double minute p53 binding protein
chr5_+_150673739 0.86 ENSMUST00000016569.4
PDS5, regulator of cohesion maintenance, homolog B (S. cerevisiae)
chrX_+_153832225 0.85 ENSMUST00000148708.1
spindlin family, member 2C
chr11_+_88047693 0.81 ENSMUST00000079866.4
serine/arginine-rich splicing factor 1
chr11_+_26387194 0.80 ENSMUST00000109509.1
Fanconi anemia, complementation group L
chr15_+_55557399 0.71 ENSMUST00000022998.7
Mdm2, transformed 3T3 cell double minute p53 binding protein
chr12_-_12941827 0.71 ENSMUST00000043396.7
v-myc myelocytomatosis viral related oncogene, neuroblastoma derived (avian)
chr7_-_48881032 0.70 ENSMUST00000058745.8
E2F transcription factor 8
chr17_+_33909577 0.70 ENSMUST00000170075.2
Fas death domain-associated protein
chr12_+_55836365 0.67 ENSMUST00000059250.6
breast cancer metastasis-suppressor 1-like
chr15_-_98093245 0.66 ENSMUST00000180657.1
SUMO1/sentrin specific peptidase 1
chr6_+_38551786 0.55 ENSMUST00000161227.1
LUC7-like 2 (S. cerevisiae)
chr14_+_55222005 0.47 ENSMUST00000022820.5
dehydrogenase/reductase member 2
chr4_+_129189760 0.43 ENSMUST00000106054.2
tyrosyl-tRNA synthetase
chr11_+_79993062 0.37 ENSMUST00000017692.8
suppressor of zeste 12 homolog (Drosophila)
chr1_-_168431896 0.34 ENSMUST00000176540.1
pre B cell leukemia homeobox 1
chr3_-_127553233 0.27 ENSMUST00000029588.5
La ribonucleoprotein domain family, member 7
chr13_-_66852017 0.25 ENSMUST00000059329.6
predicted gene, 17449
chrX_-_41911877 0.25 ENSMUST00000047037.8
THO complex 2
chr5_-_65335597 0.16 ENSMUST00000172660.1
replication factor C (activator 1) 1
chr1_+_131910458 0.14 ENSMUST00000062264.6
nuclear casein kinase and cyclin-dependent kinase substrate 1
chr8_+_40926220 0.13 ENSMUST00000034004.9
platelet-derived growth factor receptor-like
chr13_+_94875600 0.11 ENSMUST00000022195.10
orthopedia homolog (Drosophila)
chr4_-_129189600 0.09 ENSMUST00000117497.1
S100P binding protein
chr17_+_33909409 0.08 ENSMUST00000173028.1
Fas death domain-associated protein
chr10_+_19356558 0.06 ENSMUST00000053225.5
oligodendrocyte transcription factor 3

Network of associatons between targets according to the STRING database.

First level regulatory network of E2f8

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Gene Ontology Analysis

Gene overrepresentation in biological process category:

Log-likelihood per target  Total log-likelihood Term Description
6.1 18.2 GO:0070488 neutrophil aggregation(GO:0070488)
2.7 8.2 GO:0006267 pre-replicative complex assembly involved in nuclear cell cycle DNA replication(GO:0006267) pre-replicative complex assembly(GO:0036388) DNA replication preinitiation complex assembly(GO:0071163) pre-replicative complex assembly involved in cell cycle DNA replication(GO:1902299)
2.2 8.8 GO:0090095 canonical Wnt signaling pathway involved in positive regulation of wound healing(GO:0044330) lactic acid secretion(GO:0046722) regulation of metanephric cap mesenchymal cell proliferation(GO:0090095) positive regulation of metanephric cap mesenchymal cell proliferation(GO:0090096)
2.1 20.9 GO:0006268 DNA unwinding involved in DNA replication(GO:0006268)
2.0 30.6 GO:0010216 maintenance of DNA methylation(GO:0010216)
1.6 4.8 GO:1902174 positive regulation of keratinocyte apoptotic process(GO:1902174) regulation of sodium-dependent phosphate transport(GO:2000118)
1.6 6.2 GO:0006269 DNA replication, synthesis of RNA primer(GO:0006269)
1.4 4.3 GO:0045004 DNA replication proofreading(GO:0045004)
1.2 4.8 GO:0071930 negative regulation of transcription involved in G1/S transition of mitotic cell cycle(GO:0071930)
1.2 2.4 GO:0032877 positive regulation of DNA endoreduplication(GO:0032877)
1.2 5.9 GO:0002121 inter-male aggressive behavior(GO:0002121)
1.2 17.7 GO:0051574 positive regulation of histone H3-K9 methylation(GO:0051574)
1.1 6.7 GO:1902748 positive regulation of lens fiber cell differentiation(GO:1902748)
1.0 24.8 GO:0006270 DNA replication initiation(GO:0006270)
0.9 16.9 GO:0009263 deoxyribonucleotide biosynthetic process(GO:0009263)
0.8 5.9 GO:0061087 positive regulation of histone H3-K27 methylation(GO:0061087)
0.8 7.1 GO:0006975 DNA damage induced protein phosphorylation(GO:0006975)
0.6 4.4 GO:0060762 negative regulation of mammary gland epithelial cell proliferation(GO:0033600) regulation of branching involved in mammary gland duct morphogenesis(GO:0060762)
0.5 1.6 GO:0045062 extrathymic T cell selection(GO:0045062)
0.5 7.3 GO:0051292 nuclear pore complex assembly(GO:0051292)
0.5 5.1 GO:0006398 mRNA 3'-end processing by stem-loop binding and cleavage(GO:0006398)
0.4 12.6 GO:0008340 determination of adult lifespan(GO:0008340)
0.4 1.7 GO:0072737 response to diamide(GO:0072737) cellular response to diamide(GO:0072738)
0.4 3.9 GO:0019336 phenol-containing compound catabolic process(GO:0019336)
0.4 3.2 GO:0036309 protein localization to M-band(GO:0036309) protein localization to T-tubule(GO:0036371)
0.3 2.1 GO:0002317 plasma cell differentiation(GO:0002317)
0.3 1.6 GO:0007089 traversing start control point of mitotic cell cycle(GO:0007089)
0.3 3.2 GO:2000741 positive regulation of mesenchymal stem cell differentiation(GO:2000741)
0.3 9.1 GO:0034723 DNA replication-dependent nucleosome assembly(GO:0006335) DNA replication-dependent nucleosome organization(GO:0034723)
0.2 1.2 GO:1901165 positive regulation of trophoblast cell migration(GO:1901165)
0.2 1.4 GO:0000056 ribosomal small subunit export from nucleus(GO:0000056)
0.2 11.4 GO:0090307 mitotic spindle assembly(GO:0090307)
0.2 3.1 GO:0046069 cGMP catabolic process(GO:0046069)
0.2 1.0 GO:0002326 B cell lineage commitment(GO:0002326)
0.2 3.0 GO:2000001 regulation of DNA damage checkpoint(GO:2000001)
0.1 0.7 GO:0010724 regulation of definitive erythrocyte differentiation(GO:0010724)
0.1 10.9 GO:0007093 mitotic cell cycle checkpoint(GO:0007093)
0.1 1.2 GO:0048096 chromatin-mediated maintenance of transcription(GO:0048096)
0.1 0.7 GO:0045631 regulation of auditory receptor cell differentiation(GO:0045607) regulation of mechanoreceptor differentiation(GO:0045631) regulation of inner ear receptor cell differentiation(GO:2000980)
0.1 2.3 GO:0033045 regulation of sister chromatid segregation(GO:0033045)
0.0 0.2 GO:0046784 viral mRNA export from host cell nucleus(GO:0046784)
0.0 0.1 GO:0019046 release from viral latency(GO:0019046) regulation of DNA strand elongation(GO:0060382)
0.0 0.4 GO:0098532 histone H3-K27 trimethylation(GO:0098532)
0.0 0.3 GO:0035562 negative regulation of chromatin binding(GO:0035562)
0.0 1.2 GO:0043550 regulation of lipid kinase activity(GO:0043550)
0.0 0.1 GO:0097476 spinal cord motor neuron migration(GO:0097476)

Gene overrepresentation in cellular component category:

Log-likelihood per target  Total log-likelihood Term Description
3.6 10.9 GO:1990423 RZZ complex(GO:1990423)
3.4 16.9 GO:0005971 ribonucleoside-diphosphate reductase complex(GO:0005971)
3.0 9.1 GO:0033186 CAF-1 complex(GO:0033186)
2.7 8.2 GO:0036387 nuclear pre-replicative complex(GO:0005656) pre-replicative complex(GO:0036387)
2.3 11.4 GO:0031523 Myb complex(GO:0031523)
1.9 28.2 GO:0042555 MCM complex(GO:0042555)
1.5 7.3 GO:0044611 nuclear pore inner ring(GO:0044611)
1.4 4.3 GO:0043625 delta DNA polymerase complex(GO:0043625)
1.2 6.2 GO:0005658 alpha DNA polymerase:primase complex(GO:0005658)
1.0 4.8 GO:0035189 Rb-E2F complex(GO:0035189)
0.7 5.1 GO:0071204 histone pre-mRNA 3'end processing complex(GO:0071204)
0.5 34.6 GO:0005657 replication fork(GO:0005657)
0.5 1.4 GO:0031074 nucleocytoplasmic shuttling complex(GO:0031074)
0.4 1.2 GO:0048179 activin receptor complex(GO:0048179)
0.4 9.3 GO:0035098 ESC/E(Z) complex(GO:0035098)
0.3 10.5 GO:0051233 spindle midzone(GO:0051233)
0.3 8.7 GO:0005721 pericentric heterochromatin(GO:0005721)
0.2 8.8 GO:0005719 nuclear euchromatin(GO:0005719)
0.2 3.0 GO:0001673 male germ cell nucleus(GO:0001673)
0.2 1.0 GO:0005958 DNA-dependent protein kinase-DNA ligase 4 complex(GO:0005958)
0.1 5.9 GO:0032590 dendrite membrane(GO:0032590)
0.1 1.9 GO:0044232 organelle membrane contact site(GO:0044232)
0.1 0.8 GO:0043240 Fanconi anaemia nuclear complex(GO:0043240)
0.1 1.7 GO:0001741 XY body(GO:0001741)
0.1 3.2 GO:0031430 M band(GO:0031430)
0.0 0.7 GO:0070822 Sin3-type complex(GO:0070822)
0.0 0.6 GO:0071004 U2-type prespliceosome(GO:0071004)
0.0 0.4 GO:0017101 aminoacyl-tRNA synthetase multienzyme complex(GO:0017101)
0.0 0.2 GO:0000445 THO complex(GO:0000347) THO complex part of transcription export complex(GO:0000445)
0.0 14.6 GO:0031012 extracellular matrix(GO:0031012)
0.0 3.1 GO:0043204 perikaryon(GO:0043204)
0.0 17.2 GO:0005730 nucleolus(GO:0005730)

Gene overrepresentation in molecular function category:

Log-likelihood per target  Total log-likelihood Term Description
3.7 21.9 GO:0031493 nucleosomal histone binding(GO:0031493)
3.7 14.6 GO:0071987 WD40-repeat domain binding(GO:0071987)
3.4 16.9 GO:0016728 ribonucleoside-diphosphate reductase activity, thioredoxin disulfide as acceptor(GO:0004748) oxidoreductase activity, acting on CH or CH2 groups, disulfide as acceptor(GO:0016728) ribonucleoside-diphosphate reductase activity(GO:0061731)
2.4 7.1 GO:0035402 histone kinase activity (H3-T11 specific)(GO:0035402)
2.3 18.2 GO:0050786 Toll-like receptor 4 binding(GO:0035662) RAGE receptor binding(GO:0050786)
1.9 26.8 GO:0003688 DNA replication origin binding(GO:0003688)
1.7 5.1 GO:0071207 histone pre-mRNA stem-loop binding(GO:0071207)
1.3 3.9 GO:0004800 thyroxine 5'-deiodinase activity(GO:0004800)
1.3 11.4 GO:0001135 transcription factor activity, RNA polymerase II transcription factor recruiting(GO:0001135)
1.1 9.1 GO:0070087 chromo shadow domain binding(GO:0070087)
0.7 2.1 GO:0048030 disaccharide binding(GO:0048030)
0.5 5.9 GO:0019992 diacylglycerol binding(GO:0019992)
0.4 3.1 GO:0004118 cGMP-stimulated cyclic-nucleotide phosphodiesterase activity(GO:0004118)
0.3 1.0 GO:0004677 DNA-dependent protein kinase activity(GO:0004677)
0.3 12.5 GO:0004003 ATP-dependent DNA helicase activity(GO:0004003)
0.3 4.3 GO:0008296 3'-5'-exodeoxyribonuclease activity(GO:0008296)
0.3 7.3 GO:0017056 structural constituent of nuclear pore(GO:0017056)
0.2 1.4 GO:0070883 pre-miRNA binding(GO:0070883)
0.2 3.0 GO:0098505 single-stranded telomeric DNA binding(GO:0043047) G-rich strand telomeric DNA binding(GO:0098505)
0.2 0.7 GO:0070139 ubiquitin-like protein-specific endopeptidase activity(GO:0070137) SUMO-specific endopeptidase activity(GO:0070139)
0.2 4.8 GO:0042813 Wnt-activated receptor activity(GO:0042813)
0.2 1.2 GO:0016361 activin receptor activity, type I(GO:0016361)
0.2 6.7 GO:0070412 R-SMAD binding(GO:0070412)
0.2 8.8 GO:0070888 E-box binding(GO:0070888)
0.1 6.2 GO:0003899 DNA-directed RNA polymerase activity(GO:0003899)
0.1 1.4 GO:0033170 DNA clamp loader activity(GO:0003689) protein-DNA loading ATPase activity(GO:0033170)
0.1 6.0 GO:0035064 methylated histone binding(GO:0035064)
0.1 3.1 GO:0032452 histone demethylase activity(GO:0032452)
0.1 1.7 GO:0008432 JUN kinase binding(GO:0008432)
0.1 4.3 GO:0004715 non-membrane spanning protein tyrosine kinase activity(GO:0004715)
0.1 8.7 GO:0004386 helicase activity(GO:0004386)
0.0 3.2 GO:0030507 spectrin binding(GO:0030507)
0.0 1.2 GO:1990841 promoter-specific chromatin binding(GO:1990841)
0.0 7.2 GO:0001047 core promoter binding(GO:0001047)
0.0 3.2 GO:0001078 transcriptional repressor activity, RNA polymerase II core promoter proximal region sequence-specific binding(GO:0001078)
0.0 0.7 GO:0004407 histone deacetylase activity(GO:0004407)
0.0 4.5 GO:0000978 RNA polymerase II core promoter proximal region sequence-specific DNA binding(GO:0000978)

Gene overrepresentation in curated gene sets: canonical pathways category:

Log-likelihood per target  Total log-likelihood Term Description
1.1 10.2 SA G2 AND M PHASES Cdc25 activates the cdc2/cyclin B complex to induce the G2/M transition.
0.6 57.3 PID E2F PATHWAY E2F transcription factor network
0.5 18.2 PID TOLL ENDOGENOUS PATHWAY Endogenous TLR signaling
0.3 11.5 PID ATR PATHWAY ATR signaling pathway
0.3 14.6 PID IL2 PI3K PATHWAY IL2 signaling events mediated by PI3K
0.2 8.7 PID DELTA NP63 PATHWAY Validated transcriptional targets of deltaNp63 isoforms
0.1 1.4 PID RANBP2 PATHWAY Sumoylation by RanBP2 regulates transcriptional repression
0.1 1.8 PID BARD1 PATHWAY BARD1 signaling events
0.1 2.1 PID RAS PATHWAY Regulation of Ras family activation
0.1 5.2 PID CMYB PATHWAY C-MYB transcription factor network
0.0 1.7 PID HIV NEF PATHWAY HIV-1 Nef: Negative effector of Fas and TNF-alpha
0.0 4.8 WNT SIGNALING Genes related to Wnt-mediated signal transduction
0.0 1.4 PID FAS PATHWAY FAS (CD95) signaling pathway
0.0 2.7 PID LKB1 PATHWAY LKB1 signaling events
0.0 0.7 PID AR TF PATHWAY Regulation of Androgen receptor activity

Gene overrepresentation in curated gene sets: REACTOME pathways category:

Log-likelihood per target  Total log-likelihood Term Description
2.5 39.3 REACTOME UNWINDING OF DNA Genes involved in Unwinding of DNA
1.9 33.3 REACTOME G1 S SPECIFIC TRANSCRIPTION Genes involved in G1/S-Specific Transcription
1.1 10.2 REACTOME G2 M DNA DAMAGE CHECKPOINT Genes involved in G2/M DNA damage checkpoint
1.0 13.5 REACTOME PROCESSIVE SYNTHESIS ON THE LAGGING STRAND Genes involved in Processive synthesis on the lagging strand
0.7 11.7 REACTOME G0 AND EARLY G1 Genes involved in G0 and Early G1
0.4 5.1 REACTOME SLBP DEPENDENT PROCESSING OF REPLICATION DEPENDENT HISTONE PRE MRNAS Genes involved in SLBP Dependent Processing of Replication-Dependent Histone Pre-mRNAs
0.3 8.7 REACTOME NEP NS2 INTERACTS WITH THE CELLULAR EXPORT MACHINERY Genes involved in NEP/NS2 Interacts with the Cellular Export Machinery
0.3 8.8 REACTOME SMAD2 SMAD3 SMAD4 HETEROTRIMER REGULATES TRANSCRIPTION Genes involved in SMAD2/SMAD3:SMAD4 heterotrimer regulates transcription
0.2 3.9 REACTOME AMINE DERIVED HORMONES Genes involved in Amine-derived hormones
0.1 14.6 REACTOME FACTORS INVOLVED IN MEGAKARYOCYTE DEVELOPMENT AND PLATELET PRODUCTION Genes involved in Factors involved in megakaryocyte development and platelet production
0.1 3.1 REACTOME CGMP EFFECTS Genes involved in cGMP effects
0.1 1.2 REACTOME SIGNALING BY NODAL Genes involved in Signaling by NODAL
0.0 0.8 REACTOME FANCONI ANEMIA PATHWAY Genes involved in Fanconi Anemia pathway
0.0 1.0 REACTOME DOUBLE STRAND BREAK REPAIR Genes involved in Double-Strand Break Repair
0.0 4.5 REACTOME SIGNALING BY RHO GTPASES Genes involved in Signaling by Rho GTPases
0.0 0.4 REACTOME CYTOSOLIC TRNA AMINOACYLATION Genes involved in Cytosolic tRNA aminoacylation