avrg: GSE58827: Dynamics of the Mouse Liver


Results for Bbx

Z-value: 0.41

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Transcription factors associated with Bbx

Gene Symbol Gene ID Gene Info
ENSMUSG00000022641.9 bobby sox HMG box containing

Activity-expression correlation:

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Activity profile of Bbx motif

Sorted Z-values of Bbx motif

Promoter Log-likelihood Transcript Gene Gene Info
chr19_-_7966000 1.94 ENSMUST00000182102.1
solute carrier family 22, member 27
chr19_-_11081088 1.35 ENSMUST00000025636.6
membrane-spanning 4-domains, subfamily A, member 8A
chr8_+_45658666 1.06 ENSMUST00000134675.1
sorbin and SH3 domain containing 2
chr2_+_58754910 1.03 ENSMUST00000059102.6
uridine phosphorylase 2
chr6_+_124304646 1.02 ENSMUST00000112541.2
CD163 antigen
chr1_-_13660476 0.97 ENSMUST00000027071.5
lactamase, beta 2
chr15_-_3303521 0.95 ENSMUST00000165386.1
coiled-coil domain containing 152
chr8_+_45658273 0.91 ENSMUST00000153798.1
sorbin and SH3 domain containing 2
chr7_+_51880312 0.77 ENSMUST00000145049.1
growth arrest specific 2
chr5_-_108675569 0.70 ENSMUST00000051757.7
solute carrier family 26 (sulfate transporter), member 1
chr8_+_45658731 0.68 ENSMUST00000143820.1
sorbin and SH3 domain containing 2
chr18_+_37421418 0.60 ENSMUST00000053073.4
protocadherin beta 11
chr7_+_127800604 0.57 ENSMUST00000046863.5
hydroxy-delta-5-steroid dehydrogenase, 3 beta- and steroid delta-isomerase 7
chr2_-_134554348 0.48 ENSMUST00000028704.2
hydroxyacid oxidase 1, liver
chr8_-_41054771 0.43 ENSMUST00000093534.4
mitochondrial tumor suppressor 1
chr7_-_127708886 0.38 ENSMUST00000061468.8
B cell CLL/lymphoma 7C
chr15_-_101892916 0.36 ENSMUST00000100179.1
keratin 76
chr3_+_16183177 0.35 ENSMUST00000108345.2
YTH domain family 3
chrX_-_75161620 0.34 ENSMUST00000165080.1
small integral membrane protein 9
chr6_+_139621888 0.28 ENSMUST00000032353.8
phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase, C2 domain containing, gamma polypeptide
chr11_+_105146893 0.27 ENSMUST00000100338.1
predicted gene 10842
chr10_-_107486077 0.25 ENSMUST00000000445.1
myogenic factor 5
chr4_+_80910646 0.24 ENSMUST00000055922.3
leucine rich adaptor protein 1-like
chr7_-_127708738 0.23 ENSMUST00000106282.1
B cell CLL/lymphoma 7C
chr2_-_155592567 0.22 ENSMUST00000155347.1
glutathione synthetase
chr1_-_156032948 0.19 ENSMUST00000136397.1
torsin A interacting protein 1
chrX_-_107816238 0.16 ENSMUST00000120722.1
RIKEN cDNA 2610002M06 gene
chr16_+_88728828 0.16 ENSMUST00000060494.6
keratin associated protein 13-1
chr12_+_88027004 0.16 ENSMUST00000178852.1
predicted gene 2056
chr12_-_87919857 0.15 ENSMUST00000180053.1
predicted pseudogene 2035
chr5_-_146585239 0.14 ENSMUST00000036211.6
G-protein coupled receptor 12
chr2_+_136892168 0.12 ENSMUST00000099311.2
SLX4 interacting protein
chr1_-_163725123 0.12 ENSMUST00000159679.1
methyltransferase like 11B
chr5_+_104202609 0.10 ENSMUST00000066708.5
dentin matrix protein 1
chr13_-_91807658 0.09 ENSMUST00000022121.6
zinc finger, CCHC domain containing 9
chr11_+_59306920 0.08 ENSMUST00000000128.3
wingless-type MMTV integration site 9A
chr13_+_49608030 0.08 ENSMUST00000021822.5
chr3_-_37232565 0.08 ENSMUST00000161015.1
interleukin 21
chr1_+_180111339 0.04 ENSMUST00000145181.1
CDC42 binding protein kinase alpha
chr12_+_88329254 0.04 ENSMUST00000091715.1
predicted gene 10264
chr18_-_65970178 0.03 ENSMUST00000025397.5
complexin 4

Network of associatons between targets according to the STRING database.

First level regulatory network of Bbx

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Gene Ontology Analysis

Gene overrepresentation in biological process category:

Log-likelihood per target  Total log-likelihood Term Description
0.1 1.9 GO:0015747 urate transport(GO:0015747)
0.1 0.5 GO:0009441 glycolate metabolic process(GO:0009441)
0.1 0.7 GO:0019532 oxalate transport(GO:0019532)
0.1 0.6 GO:0035754 B cell chemotaxis(GO:0035754)
0.0 2.7 GO:0061049 physiological muscle hypertrophy(GO:0003298) physiological cardiac muscle hypertrophy(GO:0003301) cell growth involved in cardiac muscle cell development(GO:0061049)
0.0 1.0 GO:0090502 RNA phosphodiester bond hydrolysis, endonucleolytic(GO:0090502)
0.0 0.1 GO:0070173 regulation of enamel mineralization(GO:0070173)
0.0 0.2 GO:0048743 positive regulation of skeletal muscle fiber development(GO:0048743)
0.0 0.1 GO:0002729 positive regulation of natural killer cell cytokine production(GO:0002729)
0.0 0.4 GO:0048733 sebaceous gland development(GO:0048733)
0.0 0.2 GO:0071763 nuclear membrane organization(GO:0071763)
0.0 1.0 GO:0006953 acute-phase response(GO:0006953)
0.0 0.3 GO:0045948 positive regulation of translational initiation(GO:0045948)
0.0 0.4 GO:0010758 regulation of macrophage chemotaxis(GO:0010758)
0.0 0.3 GO:0039703 viral RNA genome replication(GO:0039694) RNA replication(GO:0039703)

Gene overrepresentation in cellular component category:

Log-likelihood per target  Total log-likelihood Term Description
0.1 1.0 GO:0045098 type III intermediate filament(GO:0045098)
0.0 0.4 GO:0045095 keratin filament(GO:0045095)

Gene overrepresentation in molecular function category:

Log-likelihood per target  Total log-likelihood Term Description
0.2 1.0 GO:0004850 uridine phosphorylase activity(GO:0004850)
0.1 1.9 GO:1901702 urate transmembrane transporter activity(GO:0015143) salt transmembrane transporter activity(GO:1901702)
0.1 0.5 GO:0016899 oxidoreductase activity, acting on the CH-OH group of donors, oxygen as acceptor(GO:0016899)
0.0 0.6 GO:0003854 3-beta-hydroxy-delta5-steroid dehydrogenase activity(GO:0003854)
0.0 0.7 GO:0019531 oxalate transmembrane transporter activity(GO:0019531)
0.0 0.3 GO:1990247 N6-methyladenosine-containing RNA binding(GO:1990247)
0.0 1.0 GO:0005044 scavenger receptor activity(GO:0005044)
0.0 0.3 GO:0035005 1-phosphatidylinositol-4-phosphate 3-kinase activity(GO:0035005)
0.0 1.0 GO:0004521 endoribonuclease activity(GO:0004521)
0.0 0.1 GO:0005134 interleukin-2 receptor binding(GO:0005134)

Gene overrepresentation in curated gene sets: canonical pathways category:

Log-likelihood per target  Total log-likelihood Term Description
0.0 0.8 PID CASPASE PATHWAY Caspase cascade in apoptosis

Gene overrepresentation in curated gene sets: REACTOME pathways category:

Log-likelihood per target  Total log-likelihood Term Description
0.1 1.0 REACTOME PYRIMIDINE CATABOLISM Genes involved in Pyrimidine catabolism
0.0 0.6 REACTOME SYNTHESIS OF BILE ACIDS AND BILE SALTS VIA 24 HYDROXYCHOLESTEROL Genes involved in Synthesis of bile acids and bile salts via 24-hydroxycholesterol
0.0 0.8 REACTOME CASPASE MEDIATED CLEAVAGE OF CYTOSKELETAL PROTEINS Genes involved in Caspase-mediated cleavage of cytoskeletal proteins
0.0 0.3 REACTOME SYNTHESIS OF PIPS AT THE GOLGI MEMBRANE Genes involved in Synthesis of PIPs at the Golgi membrane