PRJNA207719: Tissue specific transcriptome profiling


Results for cebpg

Z-value: 1.70

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Transcription factors associated with cebpg

Gene Symbol Gene ID Gene Info
ENSDARG00000036073 CCAAT enhancer binding protein gamma

Activity-expression correlation:

GenePromoterPearson corr. coef.P-valuePlot

Activity profile of cebpg motif

Sorted Z-values of cebpg motif

Promoter Log-likelihood Transcript Gene Gene Info
chr1_-_10071422 2.13 ENSDART00000135522
fibrinogen alpha chain
chr5_-_63509581 1.92 ENSDART00000097325
complement component 5
chr22_-_23668356 1.83 ENSDART00000167106
complement factor H
chr22_-_26175237 1.51 ENSDART00000108737
complement component c3b, tandem duplicate 2
chr22_-_24757785 1.49 ENSDART00000078225
vitellogenin 5
chr8_-_50147948 1.48 ENSDART00000149010
chr9_+_38292947 1.44 ENSDART00000146663
transcription factor CP2-like 1
chr5_+_45677781 1.39 ENSDART00000163120
group-specific component (vitamin D binding protein)
chr20_-_40755614 1.30 ENSDART00000061247
connexin 32.3
chr12_+_46462090 1.29 ENSDART00000130748

chr12_+_46404307 1.23 ENSDART00000185011

chr12_+_46386983 1.22 ENSDART00000183982
Danio rerio legumain (LOC100005356), mRNA.
chr16_+_23984179 1.17 ENSDART00000175879
apolipoprotein C-II
chr6_-_609880 1.16 ENSDART00000149248
lectin, galactoside-binding, soluble, 2b
chr12_-_22524388 1.10 ENSDART00000020942
sex hormone-binding globulin
chr22_-_26236188 1.09 ENSDART00000162640
complement component c3b, tandem duplicate 1
chr20_+_23440632 1.09 ENSDART00000180685
chr12_+_46512881 1.04 ENSDART00000105454

chr5_-_69944084 1.02 ENSDART00000188557
UDP glucuronosyltransferase 2 family, polypeptide A4
chr3_-_31254979 0.99 ENSDART00000130280
actinoporin-like protein
chr7_+_56577906 0.99 ENSDART00000184023
chr7_-_16596938 0.97 ENSDART00000134548
E2F transcription factor 8
chr2_+_11029138 0.94 ENSDART00000138737
acyl-CoA thioesterase 11a
chr12_+_46483618 0.92 ENSDART00000186970

chr19_-_15192638 0.90 ENSDART00000048151
phosphatase and actin regulator 4a
chr7_-_16597130 0.89 ENSDART00000144118
E2F transcription factor 8
chr9_+_426392 0.88 ENSDART00000172515
basic leucine zipper and W2 domains 1b
chr12_+_46425800 0.86 ENSDART00000191965

chr12_+_46443477 0.84 ENSDART00000191873

chr16_+_48753664 0.76 ENSDART00000155148
chr24_-_33284945 0.74 ENSDART00000155429
chr14_-_11507211 0.71 ENSDART00000186873
chr24_+_38671054 0.71 ENSDART00000154214
chr8_-_51293265 0.71 ENSDART00000127875
bone morphogenetic protein 1a
chr19_-_2822372 0.68 ENSDART00000109130
RecQ helicase-like 4
chr1_+_45056371 0.65 ENSDART00000073689
bloodthirsty-related gene family, member 1
chr1_+_14253118 0.62 ENSDART00000161996
chemokine (C-X-C motif) ligand 8a
chr17_-_10838434 0.61 ENSDART00000064597
lectin, galactoside binding soluble 3b
chr2_+_42247560 0.59 ENSDART00000101230
finTRIM family, member 6
chr14_-_43602968 0.58 ENSDART00000108825
alcohol dehydrogenase 5
chr17_+_51744450 0.57 ENSDART00000190955
ornithine decarboxylase 1
chr4_+_9508505 0.57 ENSDART00000080842
kit ligand b
chr25_-_29415369 0.56 ENSDART00000110774
UDP glucuronosyltransferase 5 family, polypeptide A2
UDP glucuronosyltransferase 5 family, polypeptide A1
chr12_-_35949936 0.56 ENSDART00000192583

chr10_-_22803740 0.56 ENSDART00000079469
procollagen C-endopeptidase enhancer a
chr9_-_40664923 0.56 ENSDART00000135134
BRCA1 associated RING domain 1
chr5_-_23783739 0.55 ENSDART00000139502
chr24_-_38644937 0.54 ENSDART00000170194
solute carrier family 6, member 16b
chr14_-_38929885 0.53 ENSDART00000148737
Bruton agammaglobulinemia tyrosine kinase
chr17_+_51743908 0.53 ENSDART00000149039
ornithine decarboxylase 1
chr18_+_13300768 0.52 ENSDART00000137506
chr6_-_39649504 0.52 ENSDART00000179960
La ribonucleoprotein domain family, member 4Ab
chr1_+_31674297 0.52 ENSDART00000044214
WW domain binding protein 1-like b
chr7_+_49862837 0.51 ENSDART00000174315
solute carrier family 1 (glial high affinity glutamate transporter), member 2a
chr10_-_23099809 0.50 ENSDART00000148333
notchless homolog 1 (Drosophila)
chr15_-_29348212 0.50 ENSDART00000133117
tsukushi small leucine rich proteoglycan homolog (Xenopus laevis)
chr10_-_7785930 0.49 ENSDART00000043961
myeloid-specific peroxidase
chr16_-_42004544 0.49 ENSDART00000034544
caspase a
chr12_-_16990896 0.49 ENSDART00000152402
interferon-induced protein with tetratricopeptide repeats 12
chr2_-_30182353 0.48 ENSDART00000019149
ribosomal protein L7
chr19_+_16015881 0.48 ENSDART00000187135
CTP synthase 1a
chr21_+_17051478 0.47 ENSDART00000047201
ATPase sarcoplasmic/endoplasmic reticulum Ca2+ transporting 2a
chr19_-_20403318 0.47 ENSDART00000136826
deleted in azoospermia-like
chr9_-_53062083 0.46 ENSDART00000122155
chr3_+_54581987 0.46 ENSDART00000018071
eukaryotic translation initiation factor 3, subunit G
chr8_+_22955478 0.46 ENSDART00000099911
chr8_-_4475908 0.46 ENSDART00000191027
chr13_-_50463938 0.46 ENSDART00000083857
cyclin J
chr3_+_43086548 0.45 ENSDART00000163579
chr2_+_37971353 0.45 ENSDART00000165085
apolipoprotein L, 1
chr10_+_15088534 0.45 ENSDART00000142865
chr15_-_21014270 0.44 ENSDART00000154019
chr23_+_21405201 0.44 ENSDART00000144409
intermediate filament family orphan 2a
chr21_-_40174647 0.44 ENSDART00000183738
solute carrier organic anion transporter family, member 2B1
chr8_-_53488832 0.44 ENSDART00000191801
choline dehydrogenase
chr19_-_34979837 0.44 ENSDART00000044838
N-myc downstream regulated 1a
chr19_+_16016038 0.44 ENSDART00000131319
CTP synthase 1a
chr5_-_24238733 0.43 ENSDART00000138170
phospholipid scramblase 3a
chr7_+_33152723 0.42 ENSDART00000132658
chr15_-_3282220 0.42 ENSDART00000092942
solute carrier family 25 (mitochondrial carrier; ornithine transporter) member 15a
chr23_+_27675581 0.42 ENSDART00000127198
ribosomal protein S26
chr2_+_4207209 0.39 ENSDART00000157903
GATA binding protein 6
chr7_-_58289847 0.39 ENSDART00000012822

chr19_+_7045033 0.39 ENSDART00000146579
major histocompatibility complex class I UKA
chr13_-_24257631 0.38 ENSDART00000146524
URB2 ribosome biogenesis 2 homolog (S. cerevisiae)
chr8_+_22955262 0.38 ENSDART00000193806
chr9_-_9419704 0.38 ENSDART00000138996
chr12_+_22657925 0.38 ENSDART00000153048
chr20_+_29436601 0.38 ENSDART00000136804
formin 1
chr17_+_43908428 0.38 ENSDART00000180332
mutS homolog 4
chr5_+_33519943 0.37 ENSDART00000131316
membrane-spanning 4-domains, subfamily A, member 17C.1
chr6_-_39344259 0.37 ENSDART00000104074
chr22_-_10487490 0.36 ENSDART00000064798
asporin (LRR class 1)
chr13_-_14929236 0.36 ENSDART00000020576
cell division cycle 25B
chr22_+_6697927 0.35 ENSDART00000135015

chr1_-_28885919 0.35 ENSDART00000152182
protein O-glucosyltransferase 1
chr23_-_31763753 0.35 ENSDART00000053399
aldehyde dehydrogenase 8 family, member A1
chr9_-_34885902 0.34 ENSDART00000137504
P2Y receptor family member 8
chr7_-_69121896 0.34 ENSDART00000130227
cysteine-rich secretory protein LCCL domain containing 2
chr9_-_12874774 0.34 ENSDART00000131385
ankyrin repeat and zinc finger domain containing 1
chr3_-_23574622 0.34 ENSDART00000176012
insulin-like growth factor 2 mRNA binding protein 1
chr6_-_10708960 0.33 ENSDART00000157704
chr13_-_24260609 0.33 ENSDART00000138747
URB2 ribosome biogenesis 2 homolog (S. cerevisiae)
chr24_-_26485098 0.32 ENSDART00000135496
eukaryotic translation initiation factor 5A
chr10_-_41980797 0.32 ENSDART00000076575
ras homolog family member F
chr23_-_1658980 0.31 ENSDART00000186227

chr10_+_23099890 0.31 ENSDART00000135890
chr1_+_58067815 0.30 ENSDART00000156678
chr2_-_40199780 0.29 ENSDART00000113901
chemokine (C-C motif) ligand 34a, duplicate 4
chr1_+_17892944 0.28 ENSDART00000013021
toll-like receptor 3
chr21_+_26535034 0.28 ENSDART00000180709
vascular endothelial growth factor Bb
chr20_-_52271262 0.27 ENSDART00000135463
rhophilin, Rho GTPase binding protein 1
chr23_-_40814080 0.27 ENSDART00000135713
chr5_+_54400971 0.27 ENSDART00000169695
B-box and SPRY domain containing
chr19_-_22507715 0.27 ENSDART00000160153
plectin a
chr10_+_15310811 0.26 ENSDART00000136239
potassium channel, subfamily V, member 2a
chr4_+_42604252 0.26 ENSDART00000184850

chr3_-_38745598 0.26 ENSDART00000127483
chr23_-_16843649 0.25 ENSDART00000129971
chr9_+_2522797 0.25 ENSDART00000186786
G protein-coupled receptor 155a
chr4_-_20292821 0.25 ENSDART00000136069
calcium channel, voltage-dependent, alpha 2/delta subunit 4a
chr8_-_36140405 0.25 ENSDART00000182806

chr13_-_30996072 0.24 ENSDART00000181661
WDFY family member 4
chr20_-_52271015 0.24 ENSDART00000074307
rhophilin, Rho GTPase binding protein 1
chr18_+_32844439 0.24 ENSDART00000166038
olfactory receptor C family, g1
chr3_+_34986837 0.23 ENSDART00000190341
SWI/SNF related, matrix associated, actin dependent regulator of chromatin, subfamily e, member 1
chr4_-_37479395 0.23 ENSDART00000168299
chr1_+_30551777 0.23 ENSDART00000112778
G protein-coupled receptor 183b
chr21_+_4540127 0.22 ENSDART00000043431
nucleoporin 188
chr12_-_33770299 0.21 ENSDART00000189849
lethal giant larvae homolog 2 (Drosophila)
chr4_+_30776883 0.20 ENSDART00000169519
chr20_-_5369105 0.20 ENSDART00000114316
serine palmitoyltransferase, long chain base subunit 2b
chr3_-_34547000 0.20 ENSDART00000166623
septin 9a
chr6_-_345503 0.20 ENSDART00000168901
phosphodiesterase 6H, cGMP-specific, cone, gamma, paralog a
chr5_+_51079504 0.20 ENSDART00000097466
family with sequence similarity 169, member Aa
chr20_+_25879826 0.19 ENSDART00000018519
chr25_-_16076257 0.19 ENSDART00000140780
ovochymase 2
chr14_+_7377552 0.19 ENSDART00000142158
histidyl-tRNA synthetase
chr23_-_11130683 0.19 ENSDART00000181189
contactin 3a, tandem duplicate 2
chr22_+_6587280 0.19 ENSDART00000106185

chr4_-_73227710 0.18 ENSDART00000193165

chr24_-_25184553 0.18 ENSDART00000166917
phosphatidylinositol-specific phospholipase C, X domain containing 2
chr22_-_10050856 0.17 ENSDART00000144811
chr21_-_11646878 0.17 ENSDART00000162426
chr5_+_4298636 0.17 ENSDART00000100061
peroxiredoxin 4
chr22_+_6711549 0.16 ENSDART00000132094

chr7_-_13884610 0.16 ENSDART00000006897
retinaldehyde binding protein 1a
chr22_-_10051401 0.15 ENSDART00000106300

chr8_-_21988833 0.15 ENSDART00000167708
nephronophthisis 4
chr3_+_40809011 0.15 ENSDART00000033713
actin related protein 2/3 complex, subunit 1B
chr4_+_70563225 0.14 ENSDART00000159508
chr3_+_22242269 0.14 ENSDART00000168970
sodium channel, voltage-gated, type IV, alpha, b
chr4_-_17793152 0.14 ENSDART00000134080
myosin binding protein C, slow type
chr21_-_16219400 0.13 ENSDART00000124871
tumor necrosis factor receptor superfamily, member a
chr24_+_16905188 0.13 ENSDART00000066760
chaperonin containing TCP1, subunit 5 (epsilon)
chr11_-_31172276 0.13 ENSDART00000171520
chr17_+_28670132 0.13 ENSDART00000076344
HECT domain containing 1
chr11_+_43419809 0.13 ENSDART00000172982
solute carrier family 29 (equilibrative nucleoside transporter), member 1b
chr4_-_9549693 0.13 ENSDART00000160242

chr17_-_20218357 0.13 ENSDART00000155990
O-6-methylguanine-DNA methyltransferase
chr1_+_2260407 0.12 ENSDART00000058876
karyopherin (importin) beta 3
chr6_+_10333920 0.12 ENSDART00000151667
cordon-bleu WH2 repeat protein-like 1a
chr9_-_32300611 0.12 ENSDART00000127938
heat shock 60 protein 1
chr5_-_58840971 0.11 ENSDART00000050932
transmembrane protein 136b
chr12_+_25775734 0.11 ENSDART00000024415
endothelial PAS domain protein 1a
chr9_-_21838045 0.11 ENSDART00000147471
aconitate decarboxylase 1
chr17_-_14613711 0.11 ENSDART00000157345
serine dehydratase-like
chr14_-_32089117 0.09 ENSDART00000158014
chr10_-_29827000 0.09 ENSDART00000131418
ZPR1 zinc finger
chr11_-_34783938 0.08 ENSDART00000135725
coiled-coil-helix-coiled-coil-helix domain containing 4a
chr5_+_41510387 0.08 ENSDART00000023779
valosin containing protein
chr10_-_28193642 0.08 ENSDART00000019050
ribosomal protein S6 kinase b, polypeptide 1a
chr18_-_37252036 0.08 ENSDART00000132230
SIX homeobox 5
chr1_+_55752593 0.08 ENSDART00000108838
trans-2,3-enoyl-CoA reductase b
chr21_+_20237006 0.08 ENSDART00000132853
chr4_-_20313810 0.07 ENSDART00000136350
decapping mRNA 1B
chr5_-_25236340 0.07 ENSDART00000162774
ATP-binding cassette, sub-family A (ABC1), member 2
chr6_+_8315050 0.06 ENSDART00000189987
glutaryl-CoA dehydrogenase a
chr14_-_45551572 0.06 ENSDART00000111410
glucosidase, alpha; neutral AB
chr20_-_32186886 0.06 ENSDART00000170279
chr9_-_32300783 0.06 ENSDART00000078596
heat shock 60 protein 1
chr18_+_20869923 0.05 ENSDART00000138471
pyroglutamyl-peptidase I-like
chr15_+_28355023 0.05 ENSDART00000122159
chr1_+_8694196 0.04 ENSDART00000025604
chr3_+_23703704 0.04 ENSDART00000024256
homeobox B6a
chr16_+_49601838 0.04 ENSDART00000168570
chr9_+_32301017 0.04 ENSDART00000127916
heat shock 10 protein 1
chr1_+_41131481 0.03 ENSDART00000145272
low density lipoprotein receptor-related protein associated protein 1
chr18_-_40905901 0.03 ENSDART00000064848
peptidoglycan recognition protein 5
chr14_-_5642371 0.03 ENSDART00000183859
nucleophosmin 1b
chr6_+_27452289 0.03 ENSDART00000186265
sushi, nidogen and EGF-like domains 1
chr15_-_23793641 0.03 ENSDART00000122891
transmembrane protein 97
chr8_-_2602572 0.02 ENSDART00000110482
zinc finger, DHHC-type containing 12a
chr15_+_7064819 0.02 ENSDART00000155268
phosphatidylinositol-4,5-bisphosphate 3-kinase, catalytic subunit beta
chr13_+_30903816 0.02 ENSDART00000191727
excision repair cross-complementation group 6
chr25_-_3087556 0.02 ENSDART00000193249
bestrophin 1
chr19_-_9662958 0.02 ENSDART00000041094
chloride channel, voltage-sensitive 1a
chr2_-_44746723 0.01 ENSDART00000041806
acyl-CoA synthetase medium chain family member 3
chr9_-_4856767 0.01 ENSDART00000016814
formin-like 2a
chr18_+_34225520 0.00 ENSDART00000126115
vomeronasal 2 receptor, l1

Network of associatons between targets according to the STRING database.

First level regulatory network of cebpg

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Gene Ontology Analysis

Gene overrepresentation in biological process category:

Log-likelihood per target  Total log-likelihood Term Description
0.5 1.9 GO:0033301 cell cycle comprising mitosis without cytokinesis(GO:0033301)
0.2 0.9 GO:0044210 'de novo' CTP biosynthetic process(GO:0044210)
0.2 0.6 GO:0002676 granuloma formation(GO:0002432) chronic inflammatory response(GO:0002544) regulation of granuloma formation(GO:0002631) regulation of chronic inflammatory response(GO:0002676)
0.2 1.0 GO:0051883 killing of cells of other organism(GO:0031640) disruption of cells of other organism(GO:0044364) disruption of cells of other organism involved in symbiotic interaction(GO:0051818) killing of cells in other organism involved in symbiotic interaction(GO:0051883)
0.1 0.4 GO:0019695 choline metabolic process(GO:0019695)
0.1 2.1 GO:0072378 blood coagulation, fibrin clot formation(GO:0072378)
0.1 0.4 GO:0000066 mitochondrial ornithine transport(GO:0000066) mitochondrial L-ornithine transmembrane transport(GO:1990575)
0.1 0.9 GO:2001045 negative regulation of integrin-mediated signaling pathway(GO:2001045)
0.1 0.5 GO:0003418 chondrocyte differentiation involved in endochondral bone morphogenesis(GO:0003413) growth plate cartilage chondrocyte differentiation(GO:0003418)
0.1 1.1 GO:0033387 putrescine biosynthetic process from ornithine(GO:0033387)
0.1 0.6 GO:0048245 eosinophil chemotaxis(GO:0048245) eosinophil migration(GO:0072677)
0.1 0.7 GO:0032964 collagen biosynthetic process(GO:0032964)
0.1 0.3 GO:0097053 L-kynurenine metabolic process(GO:0097052) L-kynurenine catabolic process(GO:0097053)
0.1 0.1 GO:0006549 isoleucine metabolic process(GO:0006549) isoleucine biosynthetic process(GO:0009097)
0.1 0.7 GO:0001561 fatty acid alpha-oxidation(GO:0001561)
0.1 0.3 GO:0034138 chemokine production(GO:0032602) toll-like receptor 3 signaling pathway(GO:0034138)
0.1 0.6 GO:0046294 formaldehyde metabolic process(GO:0046292) formaldehyde catabolic process(GO:0046294)
0.1 0.4 GO:0043011 myeloid dendritic cell activation(GO:0001773) myeloid dendritic cell differentiation(GO:0043011)
0.1 0.5 GO:0060965 negative regulation of posttranscriptional gene silencing(GO:0060149) negative regulation of gene silencing by miRNA(GO:0060965) negative regulation of gene silencing by RNA(GO:0060967)
0.1 0.4 GO:0045448 regulation of mitotic cell cycle, embryonic(GO:0009794) mitotic cell cycle, embryonic(GO:0045448)
0.1 0.3 GO:0045041 protein import into mitochondrial intermembrane space(GO:0045041)
0.1 0.4 GO:0032287 peripheral nervous system myelin maintenance(GO:0032287)
0.1 1.2 GO:0044872 lipoprotein transport(GO:0042953) lipoprotein localization(GO:0044872)
0.1 0.6 GO:0061484 hematopoietic stem cell homeostasis(GO:0061484)
0.0 1.4 GO:0051180 vitamin transport(GO:0051180)
0.0 0.3 GO:0045901 positive regulation of translational elongation(GO:0045901) positive regulation of translational termination(GO:0045905)
0.0 0.6 GO:2000377 regulation of reactive oxygen species metabolic process(GO:2000377)
0.0 0.7 GO:0050994 regulation of lipid catabolic process(GO:0050994)
0.0 0.7 GO:0006268 DNA unwinding involved in DNA replication(GO:0006268)
0.0 0.2 GO:0010719 photoreceptor cell morphogenesis(GO:0008594) negative regulation of epithelial to mesenchymal transition(GO:0010719)
0.0 0.5 GO:0048312 intracellular distribution of mitochondria(GO:0048312)
0.0 1.5 GO:0032355 response to estradiol(GO:0032355)
0.0 0.4 GO:0000710 meiotic mismatch repair(GO:0000710)
0.0 0.0 GO:0048261 negative regulation of receptor-mediated endocytosis(GO:0048261)
0.0 0.1 GO:0036462 TRAIL-activated apoptotic signaling pathway(GO:0036462)
0.0 0.2 GO:0045745 positive regulation of G-protein coupled receptor protein signaling pathway(GO:0045745)
0.0 0.4 GO:0015721 bile acid and bile salt transport(GO:0015721)
0.0 0.2 GO:2000096 positive regulation of Wnt signaling pathway, planar cell polarity pathway(GO:2000096)
0.0 0.5 GO:0000463 maturation of LSU-rRNA from tricistronic rRNA transcript (SSU-rRNA, 5.8S rRNA, LSU-rRNA)(GO:0000463)
0.0 0.1 GO:0051230 endosome to lysosome transport via multivesicular body sorting pathway(GO:0032510) mitotic spindle disassembly(GO:0051228) spindle disassembly(GO:0051230)
0.0 0.2 GO:0097341 inhibition of cysteine-type endopeptidase activity(GO:0097340) zymogen inhibition(GO:0097341)
0.0 0.3 GO:0060325 face morphogenesis(GO:0060325)
0.0 0.2 GO:0003160 endocardium morphogenesis(GO:0003160)
0.0 0.5 GO:0000027 ribosomal large subunit assembly(GO:0000027)
0.0 0.1 GO:0015862 uridine transport(GO:0015862) pyrimidine nucleoside transport(GO:0015864)
0.0 0.4 GO:0030183 B cell differentiation(GO:0030183)
0.0 0.5 GO:0010634 positive regulation of epithelial cell migration(GO:0010634)
0.0 0.3 GO:0045747 positive regulation of Notch signaling pathway(GO:0045747)
0.0 0.2 GO:0034312 diol biosynthetic process(GO:0034312) sphingosine biosynthetic process(GO:0046512)
0.0 0.3 GO:0031581 hemidesmosome assembly(GO:0031581)
0.0 0.2 GO:0046549 retinal cone cell development(GO:0046549)
0.0 0.7 GO:1902036 regulation of hematopoietic stem cell differentiation(GO:1902036)
0.0 0.5 GO:0001732 formation of cytoplasmic translation initiation complex(GO:0001732)
0.0 0.4 GO:0035775 pronephric glomerulus morphogenesis(GO:0035775)
0.0 0.5 GO:0006919 activation of cysteine-type endopeptidase activity involved in apoptotic process(GO:0006919)
0.0 0.1 GO:0030240 skeletal muscle thin filament assembly(GO:0030240)
0.0 0.1 GO:0033539 fatty acid beta-oxidation using acyl-CoA dehydrogenase(GO:0033539)
0.0 0.1 GO:0031087 nuclear-transcribed mRNA catabolic process, deadenylation-independent decay(GO:0031086) deadenylation-independent decapping of nuclear-transcribed mRNA(GO:0031087)

Gene overrepresentation in cellular component category:

Log-likelihood per target  Total log-likelihood Term Description
0.7 2.1 GO:0005577 fibrinogen complex(GO:0005577)
0.3 1.0 GO:0044218 other organism(GO:0044215) other organism cell(GO:0044216) other organism part(GO:0044217) other organism cell membrane(GO:0044218) other organism membrane(GO:0044279)
0.2 0.9 GO:0097268 cytoophidium(GO:0097268)
0.1 0.5 GO:0061702 inflammasome complex(GO:0061702)
0.1 1.2 GO:0034362 low-density lipoprotein particle(GO:0034362)
0.1 0.4 GO:0019815 B cell receptor complex(GO:0019815)
0.1 0.6 GO:0001772 immunological synapse(GO:0001772)
0.1 0.6 GO:0070531 BRCA1-A complex(GO:0070531)
0.1 0.2 GO:0044611 nuclear pore inner ring(GO:0044611)
0.0 0.3 GO:0070937 CRD-mediated mRNA stability complex(GO:0070937)
0.0 0.4 GO:0045095 keratin filament(GO:0045095)
0.0 0.2 GO:0042622 photoreceptor outer segment membrane(GO:0042622)
0.0 0.5 GO:0016282 eukaryotic 43S preinitiation complex(GO:0016282)
0.0 0.1 GO:0034098 VCP-NPL4-UFD1 AAA ATPase complex(GO:0034098)
0.0 0.2 GO:0017059 serine C-palmitoyltransferase complex(GO:0017059) endoplasmic reticulum palmitoyltransferase complex(GO:0031211)
0.0 0.3 GO:0030056 hemidesmosome(GO:0030056)
0.0 0.5 GO:0033017 sarcoplasmic reticulum membrane(GO:0033017)
0.0 0.4 GO:0000795 synaptonemal complex(GO:0000795)
0.0 1.9 GO:0090575 RNA polymerase II transcription factor complex(GO:0090575)
0.0 1.5 GO:0030027 lamellipodium(GO:0030027)
0.0 0.5 GO:0043679 axon terminus(GO:0043679)
0.0 0.1 GO:0005832 chaperonin-containing T-complex(GO:0005832)

Gene overrepresentation in molecular function category:

Log-likelihood per target  Total log-likelihood Term Description
0.5 1.4 GO:0005499 vitamin D binding(GO:0005499)
0.2 1.9 GO:0001217 bacterial-type RNA polymerase transcription factor activity, sequence-specific DNA binding(GO:0001130) bacterial-type RNA polymerase transcriptional repressor activity, sequence-specific DNA binding(GO:0001217)
0.2 0.9 GO:0003883 CTP synthase activity(GO:0003883)
0.2 1.5 GO:0045735 nutrient reservoir activity(GO:0045735)
0.2 1.8 GO:0016936 galactoside binding(GO:0016936)
0.2 0.6 GO:0005153 interleukin-8 receptor binding(GO:0005153)
0.1 0.6 GO:0005173 stem cell factor receptor binding(GO:0005173)
0.1 0.9 GO:0036042 long-chain fatty acyl-CoA binding(GO:0036042)
0.1 1.1 GO:0004586 ornithine decarboxylase activity(GO:0004586)
0.1 0.6 GO:0004024 alcohol dehydrogenase activity, zinc-dependent(GO:0004024) S-(hydroxymethyl)glutathione dehydrogenase activity(GO:0051903)
0.1 0.5 GO:0004908 interleukin-1 receptor activity(GO:0004908)
0.1 0.7 GO:0009378 four-way junction helicase activity(GO:0009378)
0.1 0.5 GO:0008494 translation activator activity(GO:0008494)
0.0 0.3 GO:0035252 UDP-xylosyltransferase activity(GO:0035252)
0.0 0.9 GO:0019211 phosphatase activator activity(GO:0019211) protein phosphatase activator activity(GO:0072542)
0.0 0.4 GO:0000064 L-ornithine transmembrane transporter activity(GO:0000064)
0.0 0.4 GO:0015125 bile acid transmembrane transporter activity(GO:0015125)
0.0 0.4 GO:0017128 phospholipid scramblase activity(GO:0017128)
0.0 0.5 GO:0097199 cysteine-type endopeptidase activity involved in apoptotic signaling pathway(GO:0097199)
0.0 5.1 GO:0004866 endopeptidase inhibitor activity(GO:0004866)
0.0 0.2 GO:0004758 serine C-palmitoyltransferase activity(GO:0004758) C-palmitoyltransferase activity(GO:0016454)
0.0 1.6 GO:0015020 glucuronosyltransferase activity(GO:0015020)
0.0 0.5 GO:0008553 hydrogen-exporting ATPase activity, phosphorylative mechanism(GO:0008553)
0.0 0.1 GO:0016841 ammonia-lyase activity(GO:0016841)
0.0 0.2 GO:0016922 ligand-dependent nuclear receptor binding(GO:0016922)
0.0 0.2 GO:0008379 thioredoxin peroxidase activity(GO:0008379)
0.0 0.4 GO:0030983 mismatched DNA binding(GO:0030983)
0.0 0.3 GO:0045028 G-protein coupled nucleotide receptor activity(GO:0001608) G-protein coupled purinergic nucleotide receptor activity(GO:0045028)
0.0 0.3 GO:0030506 ankyrin binding(GO:0030506)
0.0 0.4 GO:0070492 oligosaccharide binding(GO:0070492)
0.0 0.1 GO:0016920 pyroglutamyl-peptidase activity(GO:0016920)
0.0 1.1 GO:0042562 hormone binding(GO:0042562)
0.0 0.1 GO:0004361 glutaryl-CoA dehydrogenase activity(GO:0004361)
0.0 0.2 GO:0047555 3',5'-cyclic-GMP phosphodiesterase activity(GO:0047555)
0.0 0.1 GO:0008172 S-methyltransferase activity(GO:0008172)
0.0 0.2 GO:0045159 myosin II binding(GO:0045159)
0.0 2.6 GO:0004252 serine-type endopeptidase activity(GO:0004252)
0.0 0.4 GO:0005518 collagen binding(GO:0005518)
0.0 0.7 GO:0016706 oxidoreductase activity, acting on paired donors, with incorporation or reduction of molecular oxygen, 2-oxoglutarate as one donor, and incorporation of one atom each of oxygen into both donors(GO:0016706)

Gene overrepresentation in curated gene sets: canonical pathways category:

Log-likelihood per target  Total log-likelihood Term Description
0.1 2.1 PID INTEGRIN2 PATHWAY Beta2 integrin cell surface interactions
0.0 1.1 PID AR NONGENOMIC PATHWAY Nongenotropic Androgen signaling
0.0 0.4 SA G2 AND M PHASES Cdc25 activates the cdc2/cyclin B complex to induce the G2/M transition.
0.0 0.5 ST GA12 PATHWAY G alpha 12 Pathway
0.0 0.4 PID ECADHERIN KERATINOCYTE PATHWAY E-cadherin signaling in keratinocytes
0.0 0.5 PID TOLL ENDOGENOUS PATHWAY Endogenous TLR signaling
0.0 0.6 PID BARD1 PATHWAY BARD1 signaling events
0.0 0.2 PID ERB GENOMIC PATHWAY Validated nuclear estrogen receptor beta network
0.0 0.4 NABA PROTEOGLYCANS Genes encoding proteoglycans
0.0 0.7 PID MYC ACTIV PATHWAY Validated targets of C-MYC transcriptional activation
0.0 0.4 PID HES HEY PATHWAY Notch-mediated HES/HEY network

Gene overrepresentation in curated gene sets: REACTOME pathways category:

Log-likelihood per target  Total log-likelihood Term Description
0.5 1.8 REACTOME REGULATION OF COMPLEMENT CASCADE Genes involved in Regulation of Complement cascade
0.2 2.1 REACTOME COMMON PATHWAY Genes involved in Common Pathway
0.1 1.2 REACTOME CHYLOMICRON MEDIATED LIPID TRANSPORT Genes involved in Chylomicron-mediated lipid transport
0.1 1.9 REACTOME COMPLEMENT CASCADE Genes involved in Complement cascade
0.1 0.4 REACTOME TRANSPORT OF ORGANIC ANIONS Genes involved in Transport of organic anions
0.0 1.4 REACTOME METABOLISM OF STEROID HORMONES AND VITAMINS A AND D Genes involved in Metabolism of steroid hormones and vitamins A and D
0.0 0.3 REACTOME IKK COMPLEX RECRUITMENT MEDIATED BY RIP1 Genes involved in IKK complex recruitment mediated by RIP1
0.0 1.1 REACTOME REGULATION OF ORNITHINE DECARBOXYLASE ODC Genes involved in Regulation of ornithine decarboxylase (ODC)
0.0 0.4 REACTOME CYCLIN A B1 ASSOCIATED EVENTS DURING G2 M TRANSITION Genes involved in Cyclin A/B1 associated events during G2/M transition
0.0 0.9 REACTOME FORMATION OF THE TERNARY COMPLEX AND SUBSEQUENTLY THE 43S COMPLEX Genes involved in Formation of the ternary complex, and subsequently, the 43S complex
0.0 0.5 REACTOME ANTIGEN ACTIVATES B CELL RECEPTOR LEADING TO GENERATION OF SECOND MESSENGERS Genes involved in Antigen Activates B Cell Receptor Leading to Generation of Second Messengers
0.0 0.3 REACTOME PTM GAMMA CARBOXYLATION HYPUSINE FORMATION AND ARYLSULFATASE ACTIVATION Genes involved in PTM: gamma carboxylation, hypusine formation and arylsulfatase activation