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Results for Gbx2

Z-value: 0.36

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Transcription factors associated with Gbx2

Gene Symbol Gene ID Gene Info
ENSMUSG00000034486.7 gastrulation brain homeobox 2

Activity-expression correlation:

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Activity profile of Gbx2 motif

Sorted Z-values of Gbx2 motif

Promoter Log-likelihood Transcript Gene Gene Info
chr19_+_38132767 1.33 ENSMUST00000025956.5
phosphodiesterase 6C, cGMP specific, cone, alpha prime
chr12_+_79297345 1.02 ENSMUST00000079533.5
RAD51 homolog B
chr2_+_84988194 0.87 ENSMUST00000028466.5
proteoglycan 3
chr3_+_84666192 0.63 ENSMUST00000107682.1
transmembrane protein 154
chr13_+_23763660 0.54 ENSMUST00000055770.1
histone cluster 1, H1a
chr3_-_116129615 0.52 ENSMUST00000029574.8
vascular cell adhesion molecule 1
chrX_-_7741288 0.51 ENSMUST00000033490.6
coiled-coil domain containing 120
chr16_+_44394771 0.49 ENSMUST00000099742.2
WD repeat domain 52
chr7_-_30664986 0.47 ENSMUST00000019697.8
HAUS augmin-like complex, subunit 5
chr16_-_36784924 0.40 ENSMUST00000168279.1
solute carrier family 15 (H+/peptide transporter), member 2
chr6_+_6248659 0.36 ENSMUST00000181633.1
predicted gene 20619
chr2_+_152754156 0.35 ENSMUST00000010020.5
cytochrome c oxidase subunit IV isoform 2
chr12_+_109545390 0.34 ENSMUST00000146701.1
maternally expressed 3
chr17_-_48432723 0.32 ENSMUST00000046549.3
apolipoprotein B mRNA editing enzyme, catalytic polypeptide 2
chr11_+_97315716 0.28 ENSMUST00000019026.3
mitochondrial ribosomal protein L45
chr16_-_36784784 0.27 ENSMUST00000165531.1
solute carrier family 15 (H+/peptide transporter), member 2
chr4_+_19280850 0.25 ENSMUST00000102999.1
cyclic nucleotide gated channel beta 3
chrX_+_106920618 0.22 ENSMUST00000060576.7
lysophosphatidic acid receptor 4
chr3_+_88616133 0.21 ENSMUST00000176500.1
rho/rac guanine nucleotide exchange factor (GEF) 2
chrX_-_43167817 0.20 ENSMUST00000115058.1
teneurin transmembrane protein 1
chr15_+_103240405 0.20 ENSMUST00000036004.9
heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein A1
chr10_+_116177351 0.20 ENSMUST00000155606.1
protein tyrosine phosphatase, receptor type, R
chr19_-_39740999 0.19 ENSMUST00000099472.3
cytochrome P450, family 2, subfamily c, polypeptide 68
chr10_-_129902726 0.19 ENSMUST00000071557.1
olfactory receptor 815
chr14_-_18893376 0.17 ENSMUST00000151926.1
ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme E2E 2
chr3_+_57425314 0.17 ENSMUST00000029377.7
transmembrane 4 superfamily member 4
chr11_-_5878207 0.16 ENSMUST00000102922.3
polymerase (DNA directed), delta 2, regulatory subunit
chr5_-_111761697 0.16 ENSMUST00000129146.1
RIKEN cDNA E130006D01 gene
chr6_-_145434925 0.16 ENSMUST00000111708.2
intermediate filament tail domain containing 1
chr11_-_99851608 0.15 ENSMUST00000107437.1
keratin associated protein 4-16
chr16_-_19515634 0.15 ENSMUST00000054606.1
olfactory receptor 167
chr14_-_48667508 0.15 ENSMUST00000144465.1
orthodenticle homolog 2 (Drosophila)
chr10_-_116896879 0.15 ENSMUST00000048229.7
myelin regulatory factor-like
chr16_-_22439719 0.15 ENSMUST00000079601.6
ets variant gene 5
chr9_+_96258697 0.14 ENSMUST00000179416.1
transcription factor Dp 2
chr3_+_88615367 0.14 ENSMUST00000176539.1
rho/rac guanine nucleotide exchange factor (GEF) 2
chr4_+_110397661 0.14 ENSMUST00000106589.2
ATP/GTP binding protein-like 4
chr5_-_5266038 0.14 ENSMUST00000115451.1
cyclin-dependent kinase 14
chr17_-_36032682 0.13 ENSMUST00000102678.4
histocompatibility 2, T region locus 23
chr14_+_58893465 0.13 ENSMUST00000079960.1
ribosomal protein L13, pseudogene 3
chr1_-_74893109 0.13 ENSMUST00000006721.2
crystallin, beta A2
chr3_-_89998656 0.13 ENSMUST00000079724.4
HCLS1 associated X-1
chr10_+_116177217 0.13 ENSMUST00000148731.1
protein tyrosine phosphatase, receptor type, R
chr5_+_115341225 0.12 ENSMUST00000031508.4
TP53 regulated inhibitor of apoptosis 1
chr1_-_128102412 0.12 ENSMUST00000112538.1
zinc finger, RAN-binding domain containing 3
chr19_-_59170978 0.11 ENSMUST00000172821.2
ventral anterior homeobox containing gene 1
chr2_-_17460610 0.10 ENSMUST00000145492.1
chr1_+_71652837 0.10 ENSMUST00000097699.2
apolipoprotein L 7d
chr7_+_78783119 0.10 ENSMUST00000032840.4
mitochondrial ribosomal protein S11
chr1_+_24005505 0.09 ENSMUST00000181961.1
predicted gene, 26524
chr4_+_110397764 0.08 ENSMUST00000097920.2
ATP/GTP binding protein-like 4
chr9_-_20336094 0.08 ENSMUST00000086473.3
olfactory receptor 18
chr11_-_46707059 0.08 ENSMUST00000055102.6
T cell immunoglobulin and mucin domain containing 2
chr5_-_87699414 0.08 ENSMUST00000082370.5
casein beta
chr18_+_57354733 0.07 ENSMUST00000025490.8
proline-rich coiled-coil 1
chr4_+_52596270 0.07 ENSMUST00000029995.5
RIKEN cDNA 4930547C10 gene
chr14_-_30353468 0.07 ENSMUST00000112249.1
calcium channel, voltage-dependent, L type, alpha 1D subunit
chr11_-_79504078 0.07 ENSMUST00000164465.2
oligodendrocyte myelin glycoprotein
chr7_-_78783026 0.07 ENSMUST00000032841.5
mitochondrial ribosomal protein L46
chr5_-_31295862 0.06 ENSMUST00000041266.7
fibronectin type III domain containing 4
chr10_+_128083273 0.06 ENSMUST00000026459.5
ATP synthase, H+ transporting mitochondrial F1 complex, beta subunit
chr14_+_44988192 0.05 ENSMUST00000046891.5
prostaglandin E receptor 2 (subtype EP2)
chr13_+_49544443 0.05 ENSMUST00000177948.1
chr14_+_69347587 0.03 ENSMUST00000064831.5
ectonucleoside triphosphate diphosphohydrolase 4
chr10_-_95501921 0.03 ENSMUST00000075829.2
mitochondrial ribosomal protein L42
chr5_+_7304128 0.02 ENSMUST00000160634.1
RIKEN cDNA 4921511H03 gene
chr5_-_115341142 0.02 ENSMUST00000139167.1
glutamyl-tRNA(Gln) amidotransferase, subunit C homolog (bacterial)
chr7_+_28810886 0.02 ENSMUST00000038572.8
heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein L
chr1_-_24005608 0.02 ENSMUST00000027338.3
RIKEN cDNA 1110058L19 gene
chr5_+_113735782 0.01 ENSMUST00000065698.5
FIC domain containing
chr13_-_97747373 0.01 ENSMUST00000123535.1
RIKEN cDNA 5330416C01 gene
chr16_-_13730970 0.01 ENSMUST00000023364.6
phospholipase A2, group X
chr3_+_93468751 0.01 ENSMUST00000029516.2
trichohyalin-like 1
chr1_-_161979636 0.01 ENSMUST00000162676.1
RIKEN cDNA 4930558K02 gene
chr4_-_139968026 0.01 ENSMUST00000105031.2
kelch domain containing 7A
chr4_+_118961578 0.00 ENSMUST00000058651.4
L-amino acid oxidase 1

Network of associatons between targets according to the STRING database.

First level regulatory network of Gbx2

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Gene Ontology Analysis

Gene overrepresentation in biological process category:

Log-likelihood per target  Total log-likelihood Term Description
0.2 0.9 GO:0045575 basophil activation(GO:0045575)
0.2 1.0 GO:0000707 meiotic DNA recombinase assembly(GO:0000707)
0.1 0.7 GO:0042938 dipeptide transport(GO:0042938)
0.1 1.3 GO:0046549 retinal cone cell development(GO:0046549)
0.1 0.3 GO:0038128 ERBB2 signaling pathway(GO:0038128)
0.0 0.4 GO:0071802 negative regulation of podosome assembly(GO:0071802)
0.0 0.1 GO:0036292 DNA rewinding(GO:0036292)
0.0 0.2 GO:0035609 C-terminal protein deglutamylation(GO:0035609)
0.0 0.5 GO:0060710 chorio-allantoic fusion(GO:0060710)
0.0 0.1 GO:2000566 antigen processing and presentation of endogenous peptide antigen via MHC class Ib via ER pathway(GO:0002488) antigen processing and presentation of endogenous peptide antigen via MHC class Ib via ER pathway, TAP-dependent(GO:0002489) positive regulation of CD8-positive, alpha-beta T cell proliferation(GO:2000566)
0.0 0.3 GO:0016554 cytidine to uridine editing(GO:0016554)
0.0 0.2 GO:0042706 eye photoreceptor cell fate commitment(GO:0042706) photoreceptor cell fate commitment(GO:0046552)
0.0 0.3 GO:0006123 mitochondrial electron transport, cytochrome c to oxygen(GO:0006123)
0.0 0.2 GO:0032020 ISG15-protein conjugation(GO:0032020)
0.0 0.1 GO:0050911 detection of chemical stimulus involved in sensory perception of smell(GO:0050911)
0.0 0.1 GO:0060762 germ-line stem cell division(GO:0042078) male germ-line stem cell asymmetric division(GO:0048133) regulation of branching involved in mammary gland duct morphogenesis(GO:0060762) germline stem cell asymmetric division(GO:0098728)
0.0 0.1 GO:0086046 membrane depolarization during SA node cell action potential(GO:0086046)
0.0 0.3 GO:0008340 determination of adult lifespan(GO:0008340)
0.0 0.1 GO:0007406 negative regulation of neuroblast proliferation(GO:0007406)
0.0 0.1 GO:1902166 negative regulation of intrinsic apoptotic signaling pathway in response to DNA damage by p53 class mediator(GO:1902166)
0.0 0.1 GO:0030854 positive regulation of granulocyte differentiation(GO:0030854)

Gene overrepresentation in cellular component category:

Log-likelihood per target  Total log-likelihood Term Description
0.2 1.0 GO:0033063 Rad51B-Rad51C-Rad51D-XRCC2 complex(GO:0033063)
0.1 0.5 GO:0070652 HAUS complex(GO:0070652)
0.1 0.2 GO:0043625 delta DNA polymerase complex(GO:0043625)
0.0 0.1 GO:0000308 cytoplasmic cyclin-dependent protein kinase holoenzyme complex(GO:0000308)
0.0 0.9 GO:0002102 podosome(GO:0002102)
0.0 0.3 GO:0005751 mitochondrial respiratory chain complex IV(GO:0005751)
0.0 0.0 GO:0097637 intrinsic component of autophagosome membrane(GO:0097636) integral component of autophagosome membrane(GO:0097637)
0.0 0.1 GO:0042612 MHC class I protein complex(GO:0042612)

Gene overrepresentation in molecular function category:

Log-likelihood per target  Total log-likelihood Term Description
0.2 0.7 GO:0042936 dipeptide transporter activity(GO:0042936)
0.1 1.0 GO:0000150 recombinase activity(GO:0000150)
0.1 0.5 GO:0008131 primary amine oxidase activity(GO:0008131)
0.1 1.6 GO:0030553 cGMP binding(GO:0030553)
0.1 0.3 GO:0004126 cytidine deaminase activity(GO:0004126)
0.0 0.1 GO:1990050 phosphatidic acid transporter activity(GO:1990050)
0.0 0.2 GO:0070915 lysophosphatidic acid receptor activity(GO:0070915)
0.0 0.2 GO:0042296 ISG15 transferase activity(GO:0042296)
0.0 0.1 GO:0070287 ferritin receptor activity(GO:0070287)
0.0 0.1 GO:0019966 interleukin-1 binding(GO:0019966)
0.0 0.3 GO:0004129 cytochrome-c oxidase activity(GO:0004129) heme-copper terminal oxidase activity(GO:0015002) oxidoreductase activity, acting on a heme group of donors, oxygen as acceptor(GO:0016676)
0.0 0.1 GO:0043532 angiostatin binding(GO:0043532)
0.0 0.1 GO:0001162 RNA polymerase II intronic transcription regulatory region sequence-specific DNA binding(GO:0001162)
0.0 0.1 GO:0030881 beta-2-microglobulin binding(GO:0030881)
0.0 0.4 GO:0030676 Rac guanyl-nucleotide exchange factor activity(GO:0030676)

Gene overrepresentation in curated gene sets: canonical pathways category:

Log-likelihood per target  Total log-likelihood Term Description
0.1 1.6 PID CONE PATHWAY Visual signal transduction: Cones
0.0 0.5 PID ANTHRAX PATHWAY Cellular roles of Anthrax toxin
0.0 0.9 NABA PROTEOGLYCANS Genes encoding proteoglycans
0.0 0.2 PID LPA4 PATHWAY LPA4-mediated signaling events

Gene overrepresentation in curated gene sets: REACTOME pathways category:

Log-likelihood per target  Total log-likelihood Term Description
0.0 0.5 REACTOME APOPTOSIS INDUCED DNA FRAGMENTATION Genes involved in Apoptosis induced DNA fragmentation
0.0 0.2 REACTOME P2Y RECEPTORS Genes involved in P2Y receptors
0.0 0.2 REACTOME REMOVAL OF THE FLAP INTERMEDIATE FROM THE C STRAND Genes involved in Removal of the Flap Intermediate from the C-strand